The Best Place to see birds in Colombia
If you are a birdwatching enthusiast, get ready to live an unparalleled experience. Our privileged location in the heart of this marvelous country makes us the perfect destination for nature and bird lovers.
Welcome to a realm of avian wonder in Colombia!
Whether you're a seasoned observer or just beginning your avian odyssey, rest assured that you'll carry a piece of Colombia's bird paradise in your heart.
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Welcome to Minca Birding

Live a unique experience in the paradise of birds

Discover an unforgettable experience in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta! Connect with nature and spot exotic birds in their natural habitat. Enjoy jaw-dropping scenery and rugged trails. Book now and live a unique adventure in Colombia!

Minca Santa Marta

Sierra Nevada

Bird Watching


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    Route el Campano: Semi-Professionals

    Embark on the "El Campano Route - Semi-professionals" tour, tailored for birdwatching enthusiasts seeking to elevate their skills.


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      Tour Perijá

      Professional bird watching and photography tour.


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        Tour Camarones

        The "Camarones" Birdwatching Tour is not just a tour; it's a chance to forge a deeper connection with the natural world, to experience the thrill of spotting...


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          Cerro Kennedy Route: Professional Tour

          Experience the pinnacle of birdwatching with our "Cerro Kennedy Route: Professional Tour." Crafted for seasoned birders...


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            Minca Bird Watching Amateurs

            On this tour, we will take a small mini course on how to learn to observe birds and identify them, such as Gray-headed Tanager...


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              Specialized tour for Photographers

              Capture perfection with our specialized tour designed for photographers. Every moment contains a masterpiece worthy of framing for bird lovers.

              Choose your Tuor

              Start your journey

              Set forth on your voyage, where each stride is a brushstroke on the canvas of exploration. As you begin this chapter of discovery, let curiosity be your compass and the unknown your motivation. Let the journey unfold – start your journey today.

              Unveil the Hidden Avifauna Gems of Sierra Nevada

              Discover Minca's Avian Treasures with Expert Birdwatching Tours

              Immerse yourself in an avian adventure like no other as you explore the captivating world of Minca, nestled within the awe-inspiring Sierra Nevada. Embrace a journey that lets you witness the vibrant tapestry of avian life in its natural splendor.

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              Explore the Avifauna Treasures of Minca, Sierra Nevada

              Revel in Avian Marvels: Birdwatching in Enchanting Minca

              Immerse yourself in a world of feathers and melodies as you step into the captivating realm of Minca, nestled within the majestic Sierra Nevada. Delight in the unrivaled biodiversity of this region, where vibrant colors and unique sounds of avian life await.

              This is Minca Birding

              Inspiring Birdwatching Adventures: Stories from Our Happy Explorers

              Join us and be a part of these incredible birdwatching stories. Book your adventure now and unlock the wonders of Colombia's avian treasures with our expert team of explorers!

              The Guide

              Fidel Agudelo

              Fidel Agudelo is a passionate natural explorer and avid birdwatcher with over 10 years of experience birding in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. He is the perfect guide to provide you with exciting and fruitful birdwatching journeys. From 650 meters to 2800 meters above sea level, explore this marvelous cloud forest and discover a wide variety of local, migratory, and endemic bird species while enjoying the pleasant climate, stunning views, and fantastic biodiversity of the world's highest coastal mountain.

              Fidel has participated in the last two editions of the GLOBAL BIG DAY event (, representing Minca alongside fellow members of the Magdalena Birdwatching Club and birders from all over Colombia.

              In 2017, Colombia secured the second place in the world, and in 2018, it achieved the first place with 1550 bird sightings, surpassing Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.

              The best place to watch birds in Colombia

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