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At Mincabirdin, our mission is simple: to introduce you to the captivating world of birds that call the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Guajira, and Serranía del Perijá home. With over a decade of local guiding expertise, we are dedicated to making your birdwatching journey extraordinary.

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So, what is Mincabirdin? We're not just a birdwatching agency; we're your partners in discovering the magnificent avian world of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Guajira, and Serranía del Perijá. Our local insights, passion for conservation, and commitment to showcasing the endemic birdlife make us your ideal guides. Join us and immerse yourself in the breathtaking realm of avian diversity – let us help you find your desired birds, explore their habitats, and witness their beauty.

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Mincabirdin is more than an agency; we are a passionate team of seasoned guides deeply connected to the natural beauty of our region. With 12 years of experience under our wings, we bring a wealth of knowledge about the avian treasures that flourish in these diverse landscapes. Our goal is to guide you to the heart of birdwatching excellence, helping you connect with the species you’ve always longed to encounter.

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Birdwatching Minca Birding

Santa Marta, Magdalena.


Agency +57 321 589 3678

Commercial +57 313 560 5428

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